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Birthday Flowers Delivery Services to Hong Kong

We do birthday flowers, birthday cakes and daily fresh flowers services send to Hong Kong by our local Hong Kong Florist, our shop located in Kowloon area, we deliver flowers daily from 8am to 7pm even weekend or public holiday, simply place your flower order online and our florist expert will arrange nice flowers delivery to your love in Hong Kong.

Best For Birthday

Eighteen Roses Bouquet in White color for your pure Love, she shall be very happy when receive this bouquet..
HK$758.00 HK$708.00
18pcs RED Roses Valentine's Day Bouquet
-18 %
18pcs Pink Roses Bouquet, more special than send a one dozen roses bouquet..
HK$866.00 HK$706.00
50 Stems Mix Color Roses Bouquet with 25 Yellow Roses and 25 Champagne Color Roses..
HK$1,258.00 HK$1,198.00
One Rose Box arrangement
-13 %
Gift Box arrangement with One Silly Red Rose..
HK$316.00 HK$276.00
Eleven Roses Bouquet Round Shape
-14 %
Round Shape Dozen Roses Bouquet, 11pcs Roses Bouquet arranged in Round Shape Bouquet, why only send 11pcs instead of One dozen ? The Remain one is you..
HK$728.00 HK$628.00
One Dozen Purple Roses Bouquet
-13 %
Purple Roses for Someone Special to you, Purple is special, much better than Red or Pink Flowers..
HK$758.00 HK$658.00
One Dozen Pure White Rose Bouquet, most romantic bouquet..
HK$658.00 HK$646.00